Depression 1

Its easier to ignore such a simple yet complicated post. We always scroll down to the better pictures, the photographed pictures, the ones we always envious about. But here is what most dont know, that at the end of the day, the likes and the comments wont matter, what matters is what we think bout ourselves and nothing else.

The day ends and we lay up at night. Its the only time where we get to let the wild thoughts run freely in our mind. But i think mine is too much. I get caught up in my world too much that i talk to myself at times. I imagine conversations that never happen in my mind and let them freely in my mouth. At times i feel like am going crazy. If only i had the guts of speaking bout loud, then maybe; just maybe; my life could have been better. I wish i had the power of speaking out, i could have set myself free. Maybe my bones could have been alive…

How She Wished She Never Met Him (Part four )

If she wanted a divore then she will get it. He would work it out with his son. He need not to panic. He sighed as he pushed back his hair strands. Next weekend he was going to ask her to marry him.

He had been seeing her for months and it broke his heart that he couldn’t tell her that he was married. But he told her that he flew in from New York to see her. She was more than pleased. He made her so happy that she introduced him to her friends. They had been together for months.

One evening as they were walking home, he took her hand gently and later got in front of her. Will you marry me? is all he asked and the reply he got made him the happiest man on earth.

He wanted to arrange the wedding sooner.He adorned to spend the rest of his life with the pretty woman.. He knew all about her and the fact that her parents had passed away made him escape pretty tight questions. All she knew about him was that he loved her and that he worked overtime in a company.

He married her one spring morning on her birthday date. They went to Paris for their honeymoon. Soon after some months, she realisesthatshe was pregnant with his child.. The child was a baby girl.

How She Wished She Never Met Him(Part Three)

On the plane,he constantly thought of her and how he was changing his decision based on her mentality.He wondered what he would tell his wife..Where had he been the whole weekend.He knew that he wouldnt lie again to his wife.They were falling apart anyway.She has threatened to walk away from their marriage.But what would he tell his kids?What happened?Especially his teenage son who had already started confiding in him.

He arrived at his house and dropped the keys on the kitchen counter.His wife appeared on the doorway and asked him where he had been all weekend.He said that he had a business affairs to attend to.But she could tell through his lies.”We are getting a divorce”She said…

How she wished she never met him (Part two)

You know the way the colours seem brighter and suddenly everyone seems nicer, thats what she thought she saw. She hoped that she  would see him again. She knew she was in love, a feeling she hadn’t  felt before. And then he called, how he got her number, that she didn’t know. It started with the conversations, the how are you and all. She was always anxious when she saw him online cause he always said sweet words to her. It’s like he knew her, all of her. She was kind off wrapped around his little finger, knowing her in and out.

He started falling for her in a way he hadn’t imagined at all. He was supposed to screw her and end it all. But he got attracted to her. He never stayed all night during a  one night stand, but this time was different. He wanted to see her waking up. He wanted her to lay in his arms all day and all night long. He wanted to hear her snore and the way she smiles in her sleep. He wanted all of her. And he wanted to spend the rest of his life next to her. But he couldn’t.His past wouldnt allow him to. His past haunted him. But he decided she was worth all of it, she was worth his time and money and heart. But could she say yes to him? Could she be ready to take him all? And face his past, his very torturing past?

They met the following week at a diner. No liquor this time. Just food and the conversation. She talked about her childhood and he listened. He joked with her and she laughed her heart  out. He loved hearing  her laugh. Her laugh was  like music to his ears. She made him laugh in a way that he hasn’t laughed in a long time. He laughed in all genuineness  and was glad that he had made a decision to come and see her again. He didnt tell her that he had flew in from New york to see her in Texas.

She wondered why he never talked about himself. Was he afraid of her or maybe a spy? She shrugged that thought off. What mattered is that she liked him. And she was falling in love with the mysterious man whom apart from his name and number, she knew nothing about him.


How she wished she never met him. (Part one)

She knew that love was a crime and wished that all she could do was time. And when she met him,  she was a criminal, bounded to him by love, by a promise made to seal their souls for eternity. She was hoping to build a family with the man she loved and cherished with all her lfor. She had dreams to be the imperfect perfection of herself and bring out the best in him. But she brought out the worst in him.

She met him at a gala, where she wore a black dress with her hair pinned up her head. He couldn’t take her eyes off her, as she was not only beautiful but breathtakingly  beautiful. Her smile would haunt his monsters at night and bring out a smile to his face at day. An angel, she was to him and he couldn’t help but strike a conversation in her. He laughed out at her sense of humour and at the way she was trying to be perfect in her imperfect way. She had her flaws, he noticed but he fell for her just the way she was.

She couldn’t  help but notice him at the gala as he had his eyes all over her at the gala. Was her dress too short? She didn’t know that she was taking away breaths of men with one smile.  She didn’t know that she had him fall for her at first sight. She tried to achieve ultimate perfection with him. He said that she had a sense of humour but was it true or was he trying to get into her head. That she couldn’t understand.

They downed drink after drink of whiskey and vodka and laughed themselves out. They don’t know what happened  but the next morning  they woke up naked on her bedroom floor. They both nursed a hangover both saying that what happened was a mistake.  She tried to cover up her hickeys but they were just too much and the feeling she felt was just too much for her. Why did she feel as if she had found the “one”.